Help Page - NETPass
Developed with convenience and security in mind, the NETPass is a single Login procedure for access to all NETVIGATOR Members' Services that require logging-in. You will need to only login once, to freely enjoy the universe of Members' Services such as NETMail, NETCash management, viewing of exclusive content and rewards redemption at Members' Club (formerly Members' Corner).
Login ID & Password
Login ID & Password of NETPass is the same as the NETVIGATOR 56K dial-up login ID & Password.
NETCash is the official currency in Members' Club (formerly Members' corner). It's also a bonus point system for selected NETVIGATOR Internet Access Service subscribers to redeem their rewards and privileges.
NETPass Profile
The NETPass Profile contains only information that you provide. For example, when you register for a NETPass, the login ID, nickname, e-mail address, education level, occupation, personal income, interest and time zone that you provided are automatically added to your NETPass Profile. A NETPass number will be assigned to each member and which will be included in the NETPass Profile. Your Profile is stored securely on NETPass server, and you have complete control over the information stored in it. To view or edit your NETPass Profile, you can go to "Members' Club" and then choose "NETPass Account".
NETPass Time Out
Once you login to NETPass, there is no "time out" as long as you stay in NETVIGATOR Members' Only services on the web. Once you leave the NETVIGATOR Member's Only service on the web, your NETPass will be kept active for 60 minutes only. You will be able to enjoy any NETVIGATOR Member's Only services without re-login during this time limit. However, if you do not re-enter any NETVIGATOR Member's Only services within that 60 minutes, your NETPass will automatically LOGOUT.
NETPass Logout
Always remember to LOGOUT by clicking the "NETPass LOGOUT" icon on the right of the NETVIGATOR Members' Services bar. It may secure you from unwanted trespassers. If you are using a public terminal, such as at an Internet cafe, it is advised that you LOGOUT first and close the browser when you leave.
Secure Connection (SSL)
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the Internet. NETVIGATOR uses standard SSL encryption to secure your private information. Your login ID and password are encrypted and then sent over the Internet using an SSL connection to ensure your data cannot be read or accessed by anyone during transmission. Both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer browser support SSL.
Both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer browser support SSL.